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A mystery school is a profound space of self-inquiry that shares, presents, and passes on consummate wisdom as an experiential invitation to truly know yourself. A Mystery School does not tell you what to believe. Instead, it's purpose is to inspire and elicit into awakening your deepest truth. Attunements and rituals are gateways out of normal states of awareness, revealing new perspectives of yourself and all you once identified as "real". You will begin to understand a Universal Truth not as something out there, but rather within your own heart.

The Cosmic Gateway focuses on the awakening and embodiment of your Infinite Source. For within you lies the greatest mystery of the Universe - your true self, unbounded by false ideas and conditioning.

Pulling from both modern science and ancient wisdom, individuals will learn what consciousness is, the energetic nature of our reality, how it pertains to their daily lives, and how to practice transcending states of everyday awareness with several different techniques.

This Mystery School will take place in three parts:

PART ONE - Awakening to Source (4 weeks)
PART TWO - Embodying Source (4 weeks)
PART THREE - Co-Creating with Source (2 weeks)

Techniques learned throughout:

  1. Meditation - Various meditation techniques will be introduced, with an emphasis on primordial sound mantra meditation.
  2. Energy Healing - Reiki 1, hands on, and through meditation.
  3. Intuitive knowing techniques - Including oracle cards, pendulum, muscle testing, Akashic Record Readings, and more.

Classes will meet via Zoom once a week and consist of a 1 hour lecture and 30 minutes of practice. An in depth manual will be provided to you before the first class.

You may sign up per part or for the entire 10 weeks!