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A sacred journal used as part of the Moonly Manifestation and Meditation Club as we keep track of our intentions and manifestations over the course of the year.

Deeper self-awareness means knowing who we are and who we are becoming. Journaling and other practices can reveal our direction and purpose. A steady vision for the future allows us to move forward with confidence and ease. Each orbit of the moon can bring us closer to clarity. -excerpted from “The Moon Journal.” 

We will also work with crystal, essential oil, and candle energy, changing each month with the differing lunar astrological signs, to further enhance your work. You may participate in any combination or all of the offerings available here:  

  • In-person gatherings: $20 per meeting (Register HERE)
  • Online meditations: $11 per meeting (Register HERE)
  • Moon Journal: $20  (Details and Purchase info HERE
  • Monthly Manifestation Kit (Details and Purchase info  for mini version HERE and full version HERE)